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Through Mediation You Can     

save time and money

stay in control of your own life

clarify for yourself what is important to you

develop methods of conflict resolution that will help your relationship with your spouse forever

resolve longstanding family disputes 

reduce conflict between parents to avoid causing damage to children of divorce


You Save Time, Money and Emotional Strain

When both parties agree to work together, the costs – including time, money, and emotional costs – are considerably lower than those of a typical contested divorce.  Most high-conflict divorces go on for years.  Prolonged divorces deplete assets, entail expensive professional services, interrupt business, and interfere with opportunities for personal growth and the ability to get on with life.  Divorce mediation helps achieve closure.


You Control the Outcome

Instead of having some third party – whether attorneys or a judge – make crucial decisions about your family, you stay in charge of what happens in your life.  Since it’s the solution you both have come up with, you each have ownership of it and are more likely to actually keep your agreement and not need to go to court to have it enforced. 


You Have a Chance to be Heard and Can Begin the Healing Process

Courts can tell you how much money you will get.  They don’t help much with acknowledging emotions, improving communication, or solving your problems.  In court you won’t get to talk to each other at all.  In a divorce mediation, in contrast, you'll be given both the setting and the support you may need to talk directly to each other and work through the issues standing in the way of solutions that work for your family.  Instead of either avoiding each other or falling into the habit of fighting, you can have a facilitated conversation.  And that conversation can open the door to healing and to facilitating a better relationship with your 'ex' after the divorce is over, one with less blame or bitterness.


Marital Mediation

Are you uncertain whether you want to get divorced?  The law allows spouses to enter into contracts to change the terms of their marriages.  I offer Marital Mediation to help you negotiate such a contract, one that improves and changes the terms of your marriage, so you can stay married if you want to.  

Nantucket Interlude by Michael Keane

"Nantucket Interlude."  Painting by Michael Keane.

Among the services I offer are Divorce Mediation and Marital Mediation.
Divorce Mediation is an alternative to hiring lawyers to represent you in court.  It is a process by which you and your spouse can talk to each other in a safe environment and together work out the terms of a divorce agreement you can both live with.  Mediation allows you to close the door of your marriage gently, rather than slam it shut.      

"Nantucket Interlude."  Painting by Michael Keane

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